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High-value care

Right Care. Right Place. Right Price.

What if you could cut costs without sacrificing quality?

For certain healthcare services where quality is relatively uniform, like infusion therapy, imaging, and labs,  there are dramatic differences in cost based on where the service is delivered. Purchasers have experienced substantial cost savings by encouraging patients to receive services in high-quality, more cost-efficient settings. Through detailed claims analysis and conversations with providers and health plan members, the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance is working to identify the highest quality, most cost-efficient sites and services, and to increase opportunities for purchasers to encourage members to utilize such settings when clinically appropriate.

When implemented by purchasers in other markets, encouraging the redirection of care to high-value sites has yielded significant savings, and it has had the added bonus of increasing access in rural areas of the state by creating enough demand for services to encourage high-value providers to enter the market.