2018 was a big year for the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine. We launched three new initiatives to drive high-value care for purchasers, and we’ve helped drive positive changes within Maine’s healthcare delivery system. Check out the annual report to read about some of our biggest accomplishments.

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A lot happened at the Maine Health Management Coalition (now the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine) in 2017. Our Board of Directors voted to transition from a multi-stakeholder to a purchaser-only governance model; we updated our mission to bring more clarity to our work; and we set new strategies to start driving value in our healthcare system for Maine purchasers. Check it out to see where we were, where we are, and where we're going in 2018 and beyond.

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2016 Benefit survey

In 2016 the Maine Health Management Coalition (now the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine) surveyed Maine purchasers about the benefits they offer to employees and dependents. This report includes the results of that survey, and it provides a valuable picture of health insurance benefits offered by purchasers in Maine. Download the report to find information on the types of plans offered by purchasers, premiums by plan type, pharmacy plans, and more.


2015 healthcare databook supplement

The first edition of the Healthcare Databook, published in October 2014, presented a range of information about the demographics and health status of Maine’s population, the utilization and delivery of healthcare, and the quality and cost of care—all of which inform and shape our healthcare landscape, as well as efforts to improve it. This Supplement provides updated data on several of the topics covered in the first volume, as well as some related information that was not included in the earlier edition. 

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2014 Healthcare databook

The Healthcare Databook was created to provide an unbiased snapshot of information pertaining to Maine's healthcare sector. This publication includes information on the demographics and health status of Maine’s population, healthcare coverage and infrastructure, and the quality and cost of care in our state. By understanding the healthcare landscape, stakeholders are better positioned to address the challenges facing our population.