Rx Group purchasing

Do you know where your pharmacy dollars go?


Did you know that between 30-60 cents on each Rx dollar spent goes to middlemen?

Prescription drugs are among the top cost drivers for healthcare purchasers, and as more specialty drugs enter the market, it’s expected that pharmacy spend will continue to increase rapidly. To address these escalating costs, and to deliver more value on members’ Rx dollars, the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance partners with ProCare Rx, a transparent, national PBM that delivers competitive rates through a group-purchasing arrangement with the Alliance. 

Unlike most PBMs, ProCare Rx is a transparent PBM that passes 100% of drug rebates onto its customers, and purchasers are charged exactly what the PBM pays the pharmacy (no spread pricing). Instead of complex and opaque pricing models, ProCare Rx charges a fully transparent, per-employee fee. In addition, ProCare Rx offers total flexibility on formulary design, so if you want to keep your pharmacy plan exactly as it is now and just swap out your Rx card, that’s not a problem. Few other PBMs out there offer the same level of value to participants.

Based on member data, Alliance purchasers could save between 10-40% on their pharmacy spend through our group purchasing program. For more information about the Alliance’s Rx program, or to have your pharmacy data requoted free-of-charge, please fill out the form below.

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